Organic fruit + vegetables will target your areas of concern during your customized facial. Each facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial and shoulder massage + skin specific masques, to achieve the absolute best results for your skin.

Deluxe Facial $125/ 75 minutes - Relax into a unique experience where your senses will be stimulated + your skin will be renewed by the powerful effects of raw, organic plants + spices. This facial with focus on skin specific concerns, while Hungarian facial techniques help to plump the skin + balance the epidermis. 

Treatment Facial $110/ 45 minutes - This facial is a bit shorter than the Deluxe + is excellent for the client that is looking for great results in a shorter period of time. 

Eminence Peels $90/ 35 minutes - Quick "pick me up" to boost circulation + brighten you up.  (No extractions).

Arctic Berry Facial $140/ 75 minutes - Plant peptides + gardenia stem cells fill in fine lines, while pigmentation is brightened, acne is reduced, collagen is increased + irritated skin is immediately calmed. The perfect treat for every skin type that wants the instant results without the irritation. 

Back Cleansing Facial $120/ 45 minutes - Time to brighten things up + pamper the area that's the hardest to reach! Your back will love this calming treatment where the skin will benefit from the detoxifying spices that will smooth, clear + hydrate. It's the perfect prelude to the changing of seasons or for an event that has you showing some skin. 



Italian wax is gentle + effective for the removal of hair.  Please refrain from Retin-A, 3-4 days prior.


Full face $50

Brow shaping $25

Brow lip $40

Chin lip $22

Lip $15

Chin $15

Cheeks $22

Sideburns $15

Nose $10

Chest $50

Back $50

Arms $50

Half arm $40

Bikini $40

Brazilian $68

Legs $70

Half leg $40

Feet $15

Underarm $25